1620 Pleasant, Suite 241 - Des Moines, IA 50314



2018 Calendar of Events


Feb 24th Skywalk Golf

March 12th Meeting @ 7 pm

March 17th St. Patrick's Day Parade

April 9th Meeting @ 7 pm

April 14th Bags Tournament @ Noon

May 14th Meeting @ 7 pm

May 19th Disc Golf @  (Grandview)

June 11th Meeting @ 7 pm

June 16th Leprechaun Open Golf (Copper Creek)

July 9th Meeting @ 7 pm

August 13th Meeting @ 7 pm

September 10th Meeting @ 7 pm

September 15th Halfway to St. Patrick's Day Bike ride @ 11 am (Orlondo's)

October 8th Meeting @ 7 pm

October 20th Bags Tournament @ Sully's

November 12th Meeting @ 7 pm

December 10th Members Christmas Party (Top of the Tower)



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